The Project

We operate a mixed community school in Brufut, The Gambia, which currently has 330  students.  Our students, aged 4 to 15 years, are offered:

  • An enriched nursery school syllabus
  • Permaculture gardens on site
  • Computer classes
  • Screenprinting and sewing workshops
  • Library
  • Adult literacy classes
  • Arabic classes
  • Eco Friendly playground
  • Arts and Crafts



The Brufut Education Project began as a grassroots endeavour to improve access and quality of education in Brufut.

The project was founded by Mustapha Ndure, a Gambian resident in the UK, whose family compound in Brufut was chosen as the site to house the school.

Mustapha’s late father, Maam Samba Ndure, a village elder, was dedicated to uplifting the youth of Brufut. He often was found teaching children to read under the shade of the mango trees.

A dedicated team of volunteers began fundraising in the UK in 2007, and in 2009 construction began.

Teams of European volunteers returned year after year, working in partnership with the people of Brufut to build the school. By spring of 2014, construction of the main building was complete.

The school currently has seven teachers, and one administrator.


The project is governed by a board of directors which includes honourable members in The Gambia, the UK and Canada.

Over the years we have been supported by the Al Madina Mosque in Barking, East London.

The recent completion of the second floor of the school was funded by the Al Madina Mosque, and a team of volunteers travelled to Brufut to assist in building and charity works in the local community.

We aim to be a model school in The Gambia, open to all, providing quality education to the youth.

The team

The Brufut Education Project began as a spontaneous association among friends and volunteers from around the world.

As our work has progressed, set jobs and duties have been assigned to individuals, although in total there are over 40 staff and volunteers actively involved in the project.

Want to volunteer?
  • The founder of the project, Mustapha is a painter who divides his time between London and Gambia.
    Continuing the vision of his late father, he has transformed the family compound in Brufut into a
    centre of learning for the community. When Mustapha is not at the school he can usually be
    found drinking coffee quietly in his garden.

  • A longtime friend of Mustapha, Rob has been travelling and researching in The Gambia and Senegal for some ten years. Originally from Montreal, Canada, he has an MA in Geography from Kings College London, and also works as a welder. He has been involved in organizing caravans across the Sahara,
    benefit events, containers of donated goods from the UK to The Gambia, and other forms of paperwork
    and activities.

  • Bakaramo Jerju

    Our head Arabic teacher in Brufut, Bakaramo has been teaching the children of the community for the last twelve years, first under the shade of a mango tree and now in our school. Father of five, he is a trained carpenter and is the Imam in the local mosque.

  • Ibrahima Danjo

    Mr. Danjo is our head nursery teacher in Brufut. Native of Sukuta, he has many years experience working with children and is much loved by the kids in Brufut.

  • Kebba Nyangado Head administrator

    With over twenty years experience working in ActionAid and for the Gambian government's Ministry of Education, Kebba ensures the highest standards while prioritising the drive to make the school and our activities be drivers for wholistic community development.

  • Saffie Ndure Head of Finance

  • And a special thanks for their continuing support

    Fatimah Jammeh, Jimbo, Mundow, Ma Sallih, Ash, Assan, Vanessa, Lorna, Raf, Mayo, Gemma, Wojtek, Tekwoj, Basia, Kompa, Jurgi, Famara, Malik, Mads, Rhi, Amy, Davide, Lamine, Lamine, L, Bambo, Biggins, Rico, Pasta, Coco, Kitty, Laura, Nadia, Flea, Roger, Slow Tony

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