August update

It is summer break now at the Brufut school and many children are helping their parents in the fields as it is the rainy season.

The new second floorWe are very happy with the state of our newly built second floor, which adds four new classrooms, however before we open in september we still need to furnish them. Thus we are busy in the UK collecting blackboards, desks, chairs and other classroom essentials to send in a container so that everything is ready to start the new school year in september.

We have also been working in partnership with Max Fordham ( to develop a solar energy installation which could power our school and the neighbouring households, and make us energy independent. With blackouts in Gambia taking up to half of the time from our workshops and computer classes, we are very excited about this project.

We are also aiming to get our school lunches program off the ground this september. We have come up with a UNICEF approved menu whose cost works out to 20 pounds per student per year. That’s 264 lunches a year for just 20 pounds! Please get in touch if you might want to sponsor a child’s school lunches for a year.