• Tyre Furniture 2016

    Here is the video for our next endeavour this fall 2016. ¬†We will be traveling to Gambia to support the…

  • Adult Literacy Initiative

    BEP has begun adult literacy classes at our school in Brufut, offering free classes to 25 local women twice a week. The classes were over-subscribed to even before they started.

  • Permaculture project

    We have begun the process of ‘greening’ the school, integrating a permaculture model to guarantee the ecological sustainability of our work.

  • December update

    This past Sunday, November 29th, the Brufut Youth, in a show of solidarity for the International Day of Action Against…

  • School lunches program

    We are seeking ten thousand pounds in order to guarantee a proper school lunch for every one of our girls…

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