Saloulou – Southern Senegal


Saloulou is a small island about 30 km off the coast of Casamence in Southern Senegal.  It is populated by the Karonlynka peoples, who live traditional and self-sufficient lives through fishing and farming.  There are no roads and no motor vehicles on the island, and access is restricted to local boats. Saloulou houses the only school which services the children from all the surrounding islands (over one hundred and fifty children).  The school had fallen into disrepair and the roof was blown off on our first visits to the island.  In March 2012 a team of volunteers returned with supplies, and over the course of two and a half months put a new roof on the Saloulou school.


Kataba – Northern Gambia


 Kataba is a remote Village on the North Bank of Gambia, approximately 20km from Farafenni, (nearest hospital). The health clinic built 20 years ago had fallen into disrepair (no beds , no medicine, no nurses or doctors) and transport to the nearest hospital in Farafenni was extremely difficult, particularly for pregnant women.  In June 2012 the BEP donated an ambulance to the village, and renovated their health clinic, insltaling beds, mosquito nets, and solar panels.  We hope to organize midwifery training in the future to continue our support for better health for mothers and children.