Our project is in need of funding and material support.
You can donate directly to our bank account (please get in touch here) for details.

 Or via paypal  :

We are also searching for specific materials, such as those listed below:
  • Transport:

    • Bicycles – Parts and Tools
    • Mechanics equipment and materials
    • Mercedes vehicle parts

    For the workshop:

    • Building materials and tools – cement mixers, shovels, paint, paint brushes, abrasives , screws, nails etc…
    • Welding equipment – Arc welder and materials + safety gear and grinders.
    • Tools of any kinds – hand tools and power tools.
    • Sewing Materials –  fabric, needles, machines, buttons, zips
    • Screen Printing materials : paints, screens, accetate, emoltion

    Electrical and Power:

    • Solar Panels- either fully made and ready to go, or the seperate panels and then we can assemble them!
    • Wind Power– same as the solar panels!
    • Batteries! we need big ones to hold the power from the solar panels and windmills. We need small rechargeable ones from AAA to D! and the chargers! batteries out there have no power and people use them all the


    • First aid kits
    • Anti-biotics
    • Anti-inflammatories
    • Bandages, Slings and compression bandages
    • Antiseptics
    • Rubber Gloves
    • Sterilisation Equipment

    IT –  Computers, Network hardware and Educational Software:

    • We always need computers (desktops and laptops) as well as cables, routers, network equipment.
    • Educational software and digital learning resources.


    Educational and learning:


    • Footballs!!! the kids absolutely love them! we brought 10 with us last year and we could have brought 100 and it wouldn’t have been enough!
    • Boxing equipment – gloves, bags, pads, skipping ropes – we are building a boxing ring.


    • Clothes! for hot and cold climates! for men, women and children! and Shoes!!!!!!!

    Kitchen and cooking:

    • A Kitchen – we would like to build a kitchen on site, so people can learn to cook, make things that they can sell and so on so we are welcoming all kitchen supplies! Gas oven, and all the rest!
    • Bread Oven – we are planning to build a large outdoor bread oven on site