End of term update

Every term we shall gather information to share with you on the growth of the school; and how the building itself is coming together.

May this inspire you to become more involved, not only as a sponsor-there are other avenues which you can develop connection:

fundraising in your community, volunteering your skills and trade;
or penpal with the children and teachers to gain a wider perspective of the day-to-day life in another country.

School Update:

Builders at workLast term was the opening of the nursery school. It was a successful week, and the children settled in wonderfully.
Although the staircase is incomplete, classes are continuing upstairs in the afternoons.

Every day the school are aiming to push higher. The register is going normally and the lesson plans are working smoothly too. The teachers are learning, and implementing the Child Protection Policy-with sensitization of parents getting involved in their children’s education affairs, to assist the child in preparation for the future.

Teacher Update:

The teachers, are really happy working with the project. They attended college for their first training session in the Easter holidays, which they thoroughly enjoyed and took away with them many encouragements. They attend college during the term holidays.
Two more teachers are need in the Darra (Arabic afternoons)

Construction Update:

Brufut Education Project are working towards creating a separate office for the Arabic Class; on which a step have already been taken. They have managed to convert one of the store rooms into the office block . It has been cleared already for better management.
The construction of the Primary School is taking place but at a slow pace, due to financial constrains.
Most important things on the ground now are assurance of the weekly expenditures.

Items of Need:

  • Regular problems with the pumping machine, application for the pipe water from NAWEC is a possibility
  • 30 x Proper padlocks with numbers

Finishing jobs currently undergoing:

  • The veranda
  • The staircase
  • Painting and tiles of structure

D11490.00 per week for this stage of the building to get complete.


  • One double trip of sand
  • The learning material.
  • Scaffold D 8750 (145 pounds)


  • 2 x masoners
  • 1 x laborer
  • 12 x bags of Cement
  • Transport D 5985 (99.75 pounds)

Action plan for June/July 2014:

  • Build 200 bricks
  • Fencing-for unauthorized entries
  • Complete wudu (washing) area
  • Stairs
  • Banister