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Our project is unique in The Gambia.

In addition to basic education in literacy, maths, and religious education,  we offer them computer classes, theatre workshops, a free school lunch, a permaculture garden on site, screen-printing, sewing and other crafts.

 We also offer local women free adult literacy classes and host cultural and sporting events.  Our goal is to surpass national curriculum requirements to create a safe and supportive space for youths to grow into the enlightened leaders and workers of tomorrow.

You can donate one-off or on a direct debit monthly basis.

What we need

Over 330 students currently attend the School which successfully opened its doors in 2012.
The majority of these children have neither lunch, stationery uniform (this includes decent shoes) to see them through.

Your donation shall benefit them as well as:
Teachers salary, Administration, Upkeep of projects.

To Sponsor a child on a monthly basis:
Lunch, Lunch and Uniform, Full-Time Sponsor, Teachers salary, Administration.

Direct debit

Support us

Monthly direct debits are the best way to guarantee support for our kids in Brufut, please take a moment to make a difference.

Support us

The Project is exclusively supported by volunteers & donations.
If you would like to support us, you may donate through Paypal.

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